After its launch in Argentina (2017) and its continuation in Germany (2019) and Italy (2021), TREC’s International Conference on Translation, Interpreting, and Cognition (ICTIC) returns to Latin America. We are excited to welcome you for ICTIC 4 in Santiago, Chile, from September 6 to 8, 2023 (with optional activities on September 5 and 9).

This edition’s theme will be “Methods we live by”. With a decades-long history, cognitive translation and interpreting studies has established a rich methodological repertoire. Insights on the inner workings of interlingual reformulation can now be gleaned through psycholinguistic paradigms, keystroke logging, eye-tracking, cardiac measures, and neuroscientific tools, extending foundational approaches based on introspection and corpus analysis. How has the field progressed thanks to each of these methods? What are their latest developments and applications? How can they be integrated to inform multidimensional models? Which are their main limitations and how can they be overcome? We invite contributions addressing these questions via empirical, epistemological, theoretical, and meta-theoretical work.

ICTIC 4 is organized by the Interdisciplinary Program on Communication and Cognition (PIIECC, Universidad de Santiago Chile) and the Cognitive Neuroscience Center (CNC, Universidad de San Andrés). The event will be held at the Centro de Estudios de Postgrado y Educación Continua (CEPEC), Universidad de Santiago de Chile, under the auspices of TREC.